onsdag den 2. januar 2008

Surprise, surprise...

...As expected, the new years speech of the prime minister could not be more clear: he denied the promises made before the election and demanded that people fell in love with the EU (for no other reason than his future position there will vary according to how well Denmark officially accepts Europas parliament undemocratic resolutions... ...if I have been right so far, it is hard to be wrong now provided of sufficient evidence that this is what he intends, since his carrier here in DK is officially over after that speech.)

Another one that would be humorous, wasnt it real: He "warned" people that more cuts on social benefits will come ahead, what caused the protests of many parties here and sindicates, all wondering about the short memory span of a gold fish their prime minister seem to have, not only for his empty promises of before, but of the declarations done by the finance minister who exclaimed that "Denmark is so rich, we couold buy the world"... ...fact, Denmark was in superavit before This prime minister won his first election and we had many good laws, he removed many social benefits in order to pay for the princes weddings and divorces, and removed money from hospitals, schools and other strategically important facilities.

I have felt this change: before his first election you were treated in the hospital right away, got the medicine and in half an hour would be out of the building and in for a pizza, nowadays takes six hours and no doctor check you and you get out of there because you cannot stand the drug addicts and schizoids threatening to kill everyone because they do not get their service.

Yeah, thats Denmark under this new regimen folksens.

Lots of money and we still mist spare more... ...with no need for it!

Not that the left here is any good either nowadays. I went to a social democratic youth event some few years ago where they were singing "la internationale" dressed in Gucci glasses, Louis Vouitton pierces and Prada high hills. Pathetic.

Oh boye, and the communists? They seem to support openly terrorist organisations and radical religious fanatics with an obvious ego thing. This actually makes a little more sense, since real communism (Marx the bourgouis maiden humper and Lenine the sifillitic) both believed that socialism can only be achieved through revolution.

Marx even attempted one killing some poor parisiensis peasants on the process untill police arrived and arrested the whole bunch.

And here they are, still believing in a failed system that taught very well how to destroy and kill but little on how to rebuild and to thrive, screwing up the danish system that worked so well, by torturing the poor souls that dare today enter a social service office, specially the young good looking women, these, they call elleven at night drunk to tell them (with laughs on the background) that they must clean latrines from now on.

Heavens, even the chinese communists are realising their mistake, and they still have a lot of people to kill in their revolution there!

The kingdom is naked! God saves Denmark, it has done it ever since, the problem are the scoundrels who we, danes, let live amongst ourselves because we are too nice a people.

And with this I say goodbye to servitude and blind obedience to the danish government and its insanity of today and start the easy resistance against cretins and bureaucratic incompetence, I advise you to save yourself as well, just to be on the safe side.

Reason I am writing in english is that in Denmark very few would read it and take it serious, because anti-depressives does wonders to remove any sign of reality from their lives.

Because we are a land in denial, because Denmark is closed and only opens up for business.

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